Author: Lisa Nicole


Episode 7

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings, Thank you for tuning in this week. What an explosive episode! The Quad/Mariah saga is never ending. This week’s episode was very revealing and I feel so many people are saying the same thing about how someone treated them. Can everyone...

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Episode 8 Final

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings, This week’s episode was truly eye opening. We now have a better understanding of why Mariah and Quad are at odds, we also get to hear right from Mariah’s mouth what she think’s about Quad, Heavenly reveals to us all...

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Episode 6 No Cancer Just Cysts

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings. Let me first tell all the mothers watching, Happy Mother’s Day, I hope you enjoyed your special day. Thanks for tuning in once again to Married to Medicine. This week’s episode was full of Real Women, Real Issues, Real Life Drama. Tonight...

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A Personal Journey

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings, Did you enjoy this week’s episode? This week I shared a very personal journey with you. I chose to share this journey because I want to empower and inspire women to be diligent in their monthly breast exams. Early detection is...

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Greetings M2M fans

Thank you for tuning in this week as the Married to Medicine saga continues. I am delighted to join the wonderful cast of Married to Medicine. So who is Lisa Nicole? You’ve only seen glimpses of me over the last few weeks but this week...

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