Episode 7


Episode 7

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings,

Thank you for tuning in this week. What an explosive episode! The Quad/Mariah saga is never ending. This week’s episode was very revealing and I feel so many people are saying the same thing about how someone treated them. Can everyone be telling a lie, Quad, Brian Lamar and Reco? The truth always comes out in the end so keep watching.

Today, my aimin this blog however is not to state who is right or wrong but rather inspire anyone reading this blog to explore what it means to “own your truth.” I stated I wanted Mariah to own her truth last week and some thought it was a jab but it absolutely was NOT. In my mind, it was a word of encouragement. I believe if more people have the courage to go deep with themselves and get to the place where their inner pain lies, they can acknowledge what is really going on with them and then the healing process can begin. Always remember “A person can never fully experience the blessings of their future, until they release the pains of their past.” In this circle of friends, everyoneshould stand in their truth and take ownership of mistakes they have made so that healing can begin and lead to more genuine and authentic relationships. Unfortunately, some times in this circle things go from positive to negative so quickly because built up pain is unleashed and the actions that happen next get multiplied 10 fold. We saw that when Mariah and Quad blew up in the tranquility suite at WEN (www.wenwomensconference.info) and now when Reco explodes at the fashion show. Surely Mariah having a bodyguard didn’t create that reaction but rather compounded emotions Reco was feeling about the situation with Mariah came out as intense anger. Remember what I said at WEN, when people are sad many times they express themselves as MAD. Also hurt people…hurt people! Reco and Mariah you have a long history together. You really need to find a way to communicate and work through the pain and disappointment. Walking away from the friendship is the easy way out…find the strength to go deep with yourselves and figure out where the source of the pain and disappointment really stems from. It’s quite evident that the issue is bigger than what meets the eye.

I feel bad for BrianLamar too. Sometimes family can be the one’s who disappoint you the most when you are in pursuit of your dreams. Brian I think that YOU and no one else is the reason you are successful in your career. Keep your head up and keep shining. What God has for you, no one can take away. In my industry we call people who try to kill your dreams, “Dream Stealers.” I always tell people to eliminate toxic people in your life. Love them from a distance if they are family and create success for your self despite them.

Quad did her thing in the fashion show. She was the showstopper and was “fierce” on the catwalk. She shut it down. Congrats to Raphael Cox, a talented Atlanta designer for putting on a successful fashion show and fundraiser. I’m sorry it got a little crazy with Reco and Mariah’s argument. My heart went out to you because I know you put a lot of hard work into the event. However, despite everything, it was still a great event.

As always, I really enjoy watching the friendship between Simone and Jackie. Two beautiful women, who care about and respect each other deeply. Thank you for your awesome example of friendship. Simone, as for your financial woes…keep your head up. This storm to shall pass. With a supportive husband and great friends who have your back, you will be fine.

Next week is definitely going to be intense. Make sure you tune in. Real Women, Real Issues and Real Life Drama!

Until Next Week,

Lisa Nicole

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