Motherhood has been described as a juggling act, sometimes a circus, but Lisa Nicole Cloud, like so many women, has mastered the balance between being a successful businesswoman and the world’s greatest mom. The freedom to live life and the flexibility to enjoy her children has been the motivation behind every successful venture. When she’s not on the road, she spends her quality time ensuring her children aim for success by achieving their goals!

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Rock out with DJ Naugles as he re-mixes his favorite recipes and pairs each dish with his own original soundtrack. This imaginative offering of fun filled music and yummy recipes is a bright colorful easy to follow cookbook that is destined to become a family time favorite. This book is filled with over 60 cool recipes that will keep your kids rocking in the kitchen.



Follow Amira as she uses her imagination to take the world on a fairy tale journey, one princess story at a time. Each book teaches every little girl how to act like a princess and be treated like one as well. It’s the happily ever after, every Princess deserves and every queen will love.