Women’s Empowerment Network

Lisa Nicole is the President and Founder of the Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN). The mission of the organization is to create opportunities for women to explore and discover their unique passions purpose and power. The conference provides a dynamic environment for its participants to engage in a variety of training, empowerment and networking opportunities that will have them to grow professionally, financially, and spiritually.


WEN offers a variety of platforms where women are celebrated, elevated, and educated about strategies to achieve new levels of success. Lisa founded this global network with the goal of encouraging women to embrace sisterhood and collaboration.

WEN offers a national empowerment tour and annual three-day leadership conference, both provides a unique environment for women. As part of this event, WEN connects women and women’s organizations together for unparalleled training and networking. WEN’s panel of speakers features dynamic individuals renowned in the area of finance, business, and personal development. For more information about the WEN conferences visit http://www.wenwomensconference.com