Author: Lisa Nicole


Developing Your Gifts

Developing Your Gifts Gifts are developed through our God-given purposes. We are all created to sow seeds on earth through our gifts. People possess many gifts from architecture to nursing people to good health. The impact of our gifts when used properly touches thousands of people...

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What’s Your Plan?

What’s Your Plan? We need tunnel vision when it comes to making plans for the future. We have to create our plan and carry it out with the end goal in sight. No need to be distracted by what’s going on outside of the tunnel, because...

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Entrepreneurship Equals Leadership

Entrepreneurship The main key component in being an effective entrepreneur is learning to take effective risk. Leaders are required to take effective risk daily. Effective entrepreneurs are excellent leaders and build strong networks. Learning to maneuver in the role of leadership is more that giving commands...

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The Easy Way Out

Work Smarter, Not Harder Entrepreneurs can relate to the saying “ work smarter not harder” but, what if working smarter causes a high risk to your company? Companies that have closed their doors, all have one factor in common which is making high-risk decisions that result...

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The Bag Effect

Feel Comfortable That You Are Organized Ladies, most of us can relate to the desire to carry a different handbag daily, depending on the outfit! From small bags to oversized bags, we carry everything in them: hand sanitizer, phones, wallets, hairspray, perfume, brush/comb, scarves, jewelry, books,etc....

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