The Easy Way Out


The Easy Way Out

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Entrepreneurs can relate to the saying “ work smarter not harder” but, what if working smarter causes a high risk to your company? Companies that have closed their doors, all have one factor in common which is making high-risk decisions that result in protecting the interests of the leadership at the top and sacrificing the livelihood of the employees. Employees must work smarter at protecting their own interest. Working smarter is always the best choice and provides you with a desire to succeed. This isn’t meant to undermine the concept of working hard at your company. Hard work produces results and can only reflect the greatest accomplishments if done with a spirit of excellence. But don’t fool yourself into believing that working for someone is “the easy way out.” In the end, you’ve worked hard to propel someone else’s brand, someone else’s company, someone else’s dreams. Work hard at what you do and work smart at what you desire to have.

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