A Personal Journey


A Personal Journey

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings,

Did you enjoy this week’s episode? This week I shared a very personal journey with you. I chose to share this journey because I want to empower and inspire women to be diligent in their monthly breast exams. Early detection is KEY! Cancer does not discriminate and it shows its ugly head when you least expect it. Do me a favor if you are woman reading this blog, give yourself your monthly breast exam TODAY!

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Now for my thoughts about this week’s episode. This week was full of friendship, sisterhood and family. What a breath of fresh air from all the drama of the last few weeks.

Quad and I had a great visit to Glamour Paws. She is so passionate about her puppy couture line and I love it! I love helping people turn their passions into profits. Success is about chasing your passion not a paycheck. The money will come if you do what you love! I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with Quad. What I love about Quad, is that she takes action. She walks the walk and she talks the talk! Most importantly, she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Did you see how she checked Mickey when she laughed at her idea of a puppy couture line. In the words of the great Maya Angelou, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”So what do you guys think…Don’t the pooches need to be fabulous too?

Next we get a glimpse of Mariah and her family. Family time is very special and I can appreciate anyone who values quality family time. However, in Mariah’s case her family seems to be the only ones’ who can tolerate her ridiculous behavior and attitude towards others. I appreciate the wisdom of Mariah’s little girl. Lauren said,“Mariah lives her life like a game of chess.” I am in complete agreement. I personally don’t think of Mariah as strategic. I think calculating and manipulative are better words to describe her. Mariah plays people like pawns in a game of chess. In the game of chess if the queen captures an opponent’s piece, her move is over. Let’s just say this season, Mariah has captured many of her friends “PEACE!” Mariah treats most of the ladies on the show as opponents. She is very competitive and extremely jealous and intimidated by the success of other women. That’s why she feels the need to force herself as the ”Queen B” on others. Let me give you a little piece of advice Mariah, Respect is EARNED…not given! When you force yourself on people, the natural reaction of a person is RESISTANCE! Well as the game of chess goes, once the “peace is gone”, the queen’s move is OVER and that may be the exact fate of the “self appointed Queen B” in this circle of friends. I really hope however, that Mariah recognizes how her actions impact people so that she becomes a part of the circle again. She really hurt Quad with her competitive and jealous nature. Quad was the “fan favorite” last season. Be happy for her success and popularity. “What God has for Quad, no one can take away. Not even “EP” Mariah Huq! Prayerfully, Mariah will grow and own her part in the breakdown of their friendship, so the healing process can begin.

Now on to Simone and Cecil. Simone girl I get it. Cash is tight and hubby still taking the trip with his boys. I think Darren and I might be having the same conversation if I was in your position. I get the guys needing a get away but not when money is tight! It’s called making a short term sacrifice for a long term gain! Anyhow, I love how Simone turned lemons into lemonade and used Cecil’s trip as a motivation to organize the girl’s pajama party. We had such a great time. There’s nothing like hanging out with the girls, having fun and NO DRAMA. As Quad said, “it was a drama free zone. “ Well almost a DRAMA FREE zone. We did have a little drama….did you see Quad pull up in her sexy lingerie? Can youimagine what would have happened if she had gotten pulled over and asked to get out the car? And the other bit of drama SIMONES FUNNY LOOKING PAJAMAS AND BORING SEX LIFE. Poor Cecil! But Quad and I are on a mission to help Ms. Simone in the area of pajama fashion and sex life innovation. Stay tuned for more on this chapter.

We next get a glimpse of Dr. Heavenly having some quality time with her daughter. I loved watching this scene. I want to give a special thanks to Dr. Heavenly for giving me the inspiration to do a “dream board night” with my children. It’s so important to put our dreams on paper. What you think about…you bring about! This holds true for adults and children. As my children watched the scene they were excited to do the same activity and have a “Family Dream Board night.” Great Job Heavenly! You have accomplished so much over the last year with your weight loss and the launch of Epitome Magazine and Dr. Heavenly University. Keep shining. Though you can be “UNPREDICTABLE,” with the ladies, you are an amazing mother, wife and businesswoman.

Next we get to see a vulnerable side to Dr. Jackie. Yes Jackie, it is ok to show your emotions and most importantly, it’s ok to cry. Those tears are cleansing. I think Curtis is a lucky man to be married to such a strong and passionate woman. You could never disappoint Curtis because you are such an amazing woman. Don’t give up on the idea of having a child. Keep talking through these emotions until Curtis realizes how important this is to you. “No doesn’t mean forever…it just means, NOT RIGHT NOW! God knew exactly what he was doing when he created an earth angel named Dr. Jackie. Thank you for your friendship and support during this season of my life. Your strength inspires me and gives me the courage to face whatever comes next. Your 50 Shades of Pink luncheon was exactly what I needed. Many women have survived Cancer and by being in the presence of these champions, I am confident I too will be OK.

In closing, I want to comment on the scene with Darren and I. Watching this scene I am reminded how important it is to keep things in perspective. Our priority in our family is God, Family and then career. I thank God for my husband. He is probably one of the only people who understands what to say to slow me down. He is the head of our family and when he talks, as much as I try to fight it, I LISTEN! I do want to be here for my children and my husband. So stay tuned as this journey unfolds.

As for the WEN conference…you are in for a treat next week. The WEN conference is going to be explosive in many ways. It’s the perfect place for these women to come together and try to have a break through. As you know,Jackie and Heavenly are at odds, Simone and Toya are having challenges and of course Mariah and Quad are struggling in their friendship. Make sure you tune in next week to see if the WEN conference can help these women in any way.The WEN Women’s Conference is one of the nation’s premier leadership and empowerment conferences for women looking to discover and tap into their Passion, Purpose, and Power. WEN is the perfect experience for women looking for a breakthrough. The WEN conference features the nations most powerful and successful speakers and experts in the areas of finance, business personal development and spirituality. WEN’s nationally recognized speakers are excited to share their wisdom and expertise on a wide range of personal and professional development topics. Their insights will help you find clarity on your goals and what you need to achieve new levels of success! For more information about the WEN conference, please visit< href=”http://www.wenwomensconference.com” target=”_blank”> http://www.wenwomensconference.com Follow me on twitter @lisanicolecloud , on facebook @lisanicolecloudfanpage and on instagram at lisanicolecloud. I look forward to staying connected with you.

Until Next Week…

Success & Love,

Lisa Nicole

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