Greetings M2M fans


Greetings M2M fans

Thank you for tuning in this week as the Married to Medicine saga continues. I am delighted to join the wonderful cast of Married to Medicine. So who is Lisa Nicole? You’ve only seen glimpses of me over the last few weeks but this week was my full introduction on the show. As you’ve learned “Im a quadruple threat…I’m beautiful, intelligent, articulate and I’M RICH! In other words I’m a BOSS… You will learn lots about my journey over the next few months and I’m eager to let you into my world as I run many successful businesses, empower and inspire women through The Women’ s Empowerment Network, grow the Lisa Nicole Collection empire and much more. You will also learn that I love being a wife to Dr. Darren Naugles, the finest ER doctor in Atlanta and a mother to my two beautiful children DJ and Amira. Stay connected with me on twitter @lisanicolecloud and on instagramat lisaicolecloud and lisanicolecollection. I love teaching people how to WIN in business and become financially free…If you want to learn why they call me Ms. Millionairemaker and how I became a millionaire, go to my website

Now….Let me give you my thoughts about this week ‘s episode:

As I watch the Quad/Mariah saga unfold…It’s very sad. It’s too bad two good friends cant figure out a way to work through their differences. The incident at STK is quite embarrassing. I don’t believe in public displays of emotion. Ladies, can we keep this in a private setting vs. a public setting. We are doctor’s wives.As per all the blogs and talk around the A-Town, Mariah once again, disregarded the idea that we should keep our hands to ourself. Mariah did you not learn your lesson from last season…Please no more fights.

Quad I’ve told you this before…”Right when you are about to be blessed and step into your destiny, the devil gets busy creating distractions. Stay focused on your dreams. Your puppy couture line is going to be amazing. As for Dr. G, knowing your love language…girl I got one too who forget s my love language but I love him all the same.

Jackie I love watching Sexy Jackie come out. Try that number on Curtis to get your baby. “Hi I’m Dr. Jackie, …call me 911.” Jackie looked Hot in in the Lisa Nicole Onyx Collection. She has an amazing figure and those arms are to die for. I’m so excited that she is going to wear a Lisa Nicole Collection dress to Dr. Heavenly’s party. The collection is perfect for a woman like Dr. Jackie, classy, sexy, sophisticated, powerful and about her business.

Toya is a great mom. I love how she is so focused on her kids. I too love over the top kids parties. They only turn 2 once, so I loved the party. And in answer to Dr. Heavenly’s comment, I think your son will remember the birthday party because my daughter still talks about her birthday when she turned 2. Now on another note, while it was a great party I do however, agree with your parent’s advice. Slow down on the spending. It’s not about how you make…it’s about how much you keep. Be careful with all the spending….Don’t be a spendarella; Like your mom said financial problems in a marriage are the number 1 cause of divorce…..We definitely don’t want to see that happen. You and Eugene are a great couple.

Dr. Heavenly you sure know how to stir the pot, “Once again Dr. Jackie comes in thinking she is better….” Where did you get that from Heavenly? . Jackie’s apology seemed sincere to me. Even Ms. Georgia Plus accepted her apology. Then your comments about Toya’s baby’s birthday, “If you don’t invest in an account for them now, then they are going to need an EBT card…. Can you say, “What the hell”….You are so unpredictable…

Until Next Week

Lisa Nicole

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